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Manzoni itinerary

Practical folding guide in pocket format to discover Manzoni’s places through an itinerary in stages.

Time:4:40 h walkingSteps:12For:EveryoneShare

Itinerary in stages to discover Manzoni places

There are places that have now become iconic in the minds of all of us thanks to their connection with works of art, books, songs or movies.
The same principle also applies to our branch of Lake Como, inextricably linked to the Promessi Sposi, the most famous historical novel in Italian literature, which is also a great story of love and intrigue.

For those who have already read the book and loved it, or for those who have only heard of it, we propose a route in stages to move independently between the different places that have been the background to the events narrated by Alessandro Manzoni. To make the experience in the footsteps of Renzo and Lucia, in addition to the points of interest, for each map there is a reference to the passage of the novel in which the story unfolds.

After leaving theTorre Viscontea, we move on to the monument of Alessandro Manzoniand Villa Manzoni, to then arrive at the Tabernacolo dei Bravi, the Home of Lucia, the church of don Abbondio and the Palace of don Rodrigo. From here, go down to the Convent of Fra Cristoforo, walk along the Adda until you reach the “Addio Monti”(“Farewell to the mountains”) stone. Si conclude, proprio seguendo il filo del romanzo, con il Castello dell’Innominato e il Ponte Vecchio, senza dimenticare la chiesa dedicata al Beato Serafino, il sacerdote che ebbe un’importanza di rilievo nella vita dell’autore.