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Traveling through time in Como

The historic center of the city of Como

Thinking of Como, one could believe that its beauty and its particularity are uniquely linked to the lakefront. Nothing could be more wrong, the city hides in fact some unique treasures able to leave the lucky tourists speechless who find themselves spending here even just a handful of hours.

Como is rich in history, full of monuments and incredibly fascinating views and of great artistic interestwhich, through this itinerary in stages, can be explored in complete autonomy.

The Tempio Voltiano and the gardens, the breakwater with the monument Life Electric, Piazza Duomo, the Casa del Fascio, Piazza Cavour, Borgo sant’Agostino, the Funicular of Brunate, the Faro Voltiano in the hamlet of Saint Maurizio, Villa Olmo, the Rotonda, the walls, Borgo Vico, the Basilica of Saint Abbondio, Piazza San Fedele, the alleys in the center, the walks on the lake, the civic museums and Palazzo Giovio: these are the steps of a tour in which to discover all that this famous capital offers.

Practical folding guide in pocket format to visit the city of Como in complete autonomy.

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