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Tradition and culture

Tales of Lecco and Lombardy

There are many ways to get to know a city. One of these is through its traditions and its culture, passing from the inexhaustible repertoire of folklore and knowledge that has represented its soul for generations.

The knowledge of those who preceded us, of those who loved and took care of our territory before us, of those who contributed to throwing our roots and giving life to the world in which we live, is a inestimable heritage from which we can draw even today to draw valuable teachings and indications.

An example of this is the dialect which, thanks to the speed and frankness that characterizes it, is able to transmit to us, in an often colorful, incisive and immediately understandable way, its pearls of popular wisdom.

Another way to discover the face of a place is to get to know the characters who inhabited it and who have given it fame and notoriety, as happened in Lecco at the hands of Alessandro Manzoni. The famous writer, in fact, set most ofthe Betrothed here, ensuring the city a place of honor among the places that form the backdrop to the historical novel recognized as the foundation of the Italian language.

To truly immerse yourself in the spirit of a territory and discover its identity, therefore, it is not only important to dwell on the monuments or buildings, but it can also be useful to know the stories that were born here and that contribute to its uniqueness.

Detail of the monument to Alessandro Manzoni: Renzo meets Don Rodrigo at the Lazzaretto in Milan

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