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Times change and with them changes the point of view regarding the attractions that a city can offer: street art is added to museums, architectural works or statues, among the tourist spots.
Thanks to a work of redevelopment and enhancement of the urban heritage, several works have been created in Lecco over the years as part of the Lecco Street View project, which has seen schoolchildren collaborating with young artists from our land.

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This folding guide in pocket format originates from the “Avere cura del bene comuneproject, and from the participation of Teka Edizioni in an experience of school-work alternation.
The thirteen selected works contextualize the presence of street art in Lecco: they are not all, but the most representative.
Among the talented artists who have left their mark in the city, are reported: Roa, Lucamaleonte, Madame, Federico Massa a.k.a. Iena Cruz, Zibe Lk-Tso, Afran, Pier, D-Mace, M-City, Orticanoodles, Sbafe, Rendo, Hemo, Kol’ja and Giovanni Locatelli.
The graphic map helps to understand, in a simple and intuitive way, the position of the stops and points of interest.

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Students of the Liceo Bertacchi of Lecco


Students of the Liceo Bertacchi of Lecco


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