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Street Art tour

Practical folding guide in pocket format to discover the works of Street Art in the city of Lecco.

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The colorful urban art of Lecco

In a world that is constantly evolving, the concepts of art, beauty and the definition of the city spacealso change.

This is how Street Arthas acquired more and more value, a controversial artistic expression that covers the walls and buildingsof our cities and which, precisely because of its direct language and within everyone’s reach, has made the most provocative and rebellious writers famous, such as example the famous Bansky.

The identity of a city, therefore, is not found only in its museums,on the facades of its buildings or among the marble folds of the statues that adorn its squares, but is also represented by the expressions of street art.

Thanks to a work of redevelopment and enhancement of the urban heritage, over the years several works have been created in Lecco as part of a project called Lecco Street View, which has seen schoolchildren collaborating with young artists from the area. .

In this itinerary, the most representative street art works created by the following artists have been chosen: Roa, Lucamaleonte, Madame, Federico Massa a.k.a. Iena Cruz, Zibe Lk-Tso, Afran, Pier, D-Mace, M-City, Orticanoodles, Sbafe, Rendo, Hemo, Kol’ja and Giovanni Locatelli.