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Discovering the center of Lecco

Itinerary in the historic center of Lecco

If we only have a few hours of timeto visit the city, it is worth focusing on the really important points of interest, able to give us back the vestiges of the ancient walled village or the spirit of the illustrious men who have shaped its history. .

Lecco, in fact, is a small treasure chest nestled between the lake and the mountains, which houses in its historic center, which can be easily visited in a few hours, a series of ideas and curiosities capable of tickling every visitor.

Precisely for this reason, we propose a foldable and pocket-sized itinerarysuitable for tourists who find themselves on the shores of our lake and want to move independently through the streets and squares that wind between the buildings.

The list of stages includes piazza XX Settembre, the Visconti Tower, Piazza Cermenati, the Basilica of Saint Nicholas, Piazza Stoppani, the statue of Saint Nicholas, the “Monumento ai caduti” and the Canottieri, Piazza Garibaldi, the Sanctuary of Nostra Signora della Vittoria, Piazza Manzoni, the Town Hall, the Vallo delle Mura with the Public library and the Little church of Saint Marta.

Practical folding guide in pocket format to visit the city center of Lecco independently.

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