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The legend of the Grigna


There is a mountain that rises above the city of Lecco, whose spiers and jagged peaks are known all over the world: it is the Grigna! But very few know that this mountain hides within itself a unique legend that was told in a song written in 1954 and which tells the story of a knight in love, a heartless warrior and an unfortunate sentry. It will be thanks to the discovery of a mysterious parchment that Nino and Camilla, the protagonists of the book, will discover the testimony of a distant past that has left its traces in the world around us.

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Nino and Camilla, the two protagonists of the collection In the footsteps of the abbot, discover a mysterious treasure that tells of an ancient legend that has its roots in the respect that men have always nurtured for the mountains.
The book, starting from the story of an adventure, deals with many themes that revolve around the Grigne: from the birth of the mountains to the song dedicated to the two peaks written in 1954, from the rules to follow on the paths to the best roads to reach the summit.

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Dino Ticli


Alessia Buffolo, Danilo Loizedda


In the footstep of the abbott


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