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The secret of the botanical garden


There is a little known place inside a courtyard in the municipality of Valmadrera, a few kilometers from Lecco. This place, a little out of space and time, is the botanical garden of Fatebenefratelli center. It is here that, decades ago, the monks of this order cultivated and treated herbs for the care of the sick and the needy. Yes, because the healing and beneficial properties of plants have been known since ancient times and there is evidence that even primitive men used them to cure their ailments.

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This time the adventure of Nino and Camilla, the two protagonists of the collection In the footsteps of the abbot, takes place between two different eras.
It is precisely inside the botanical garden of Valmadrera that they will discover a past in which the monks belonging to the order of Fatebenefratelli used the virtues of medicinal herbs to treat the sick.
Today it is possible to visit this small garden in which many herbs are collected that also grow spontaneously on our territory and which represent a real heritage of incredible value.

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Alessia Buffolo, Danilo Loizedda


In the footstep of the abbott


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