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There is a lariosaurus in the garden!


If from Lecco you go up the lake in the direction of Bellano, you will encounter very particular geological formations that define the famous limestone of Perledo-Varenna, whose walls have been known since ancient times thanks to their characteristic black and dark gray color. These ancient minerals have brought to light incredible discoveries including the fossils of an aquatic reptile called lariosaurus in honor of the Lario. Its legendary charm and the aura of mystery that gravitates around its existence, have made it even compared to Nessie, the famous Loch Ness monster.

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This time Nino and Camilla, the protagonists of the series In the footsteps of the abbot, find themselves reliving the adventure, which really happened, of the discovery of a lariosaurus fossil.
In a nursery school in Olcio, a small village on the shores of the lake, a marble slab was found on which the fossil of a small specimen of lariosaurus was imprinted.
The incredible discovery, initially passed quietly among the pupils and teachers, then reached the paleontologists who cataloged and arranged the archaeological find.
In the book, our heroes will meet paleontologist Dino and the abbot Antonio Stoppani, who will accompany them on a journey back in time.

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Dino Ticli


Alessia Buffolo, Danilo Loizedda


In the footstep of the abbott


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